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When Your Healing Journey Challenges Those Around You | BABH S1Ep94

season 1 Jul 20, 2021

EPISODE 94: When Your Healing Journey Challenges Those Around You...

Don’t apologise for using personal development tools, or the rapid shifts they bring…

This may seem like a strange thing to say, but here’s the thing…

I say all the time that NPA allows you to move through the challenges of life with tremendous speed and with relative ease.

This can be a challenge for people around you, if it doesn’t fit their expectations for what a ‘normal’ timescale is for such things.

So in this episode we're going to look at dealing with the challenges to those around you that can come up in response to your healing journey; especially when using rapid transformational healing tools like NPA.

So hit that play button and let’s get into it!


"Healing faster than normal is a crime?"

Back in December of 2015, my 6 year relationship came to an end. This is a BIG deal in anyone’s life. There are cultural and habituated expectations about ‘taking time to heal’, ‘moving through the grief process’ and genuinely dealing with the pain of breakup.

But I did a LOT of NPA on every aspect that was hurting.

It was amazing that after just a couple of weeks I felt incredibly clear, incredibly free and incredibly whole. I was ready to step out and discover myself anew.

What I didn’t expect was a backlash for doing just that.

Being happy, whole and vibrant ‘too soon’, it seemed was a crime.

I was actively encouraged from several places to 'play down the healing and happiness'.

But I asked myself a very potent question: “Do I want to align my energy with that thinking?”

For me it was a clear no... now I'm asking you the same question.

Good Questions To Ask Yourself

These questions will highlight ways we tend to fall into the social pressure to mute our healing journey in order to keep others (or ourselves) comfortable.

  1. Do you limit your enthusiasm, your happiness or your wholeness to make those around you feel more comfortable?
  2. Do you hide away the inner work you do, for fear of ridicule or change?
  3. Do you shy away from inner work, or resist its impact because it might challenge the status quo?
  4. Do you choose to align with limited ideas and possibilities, when inside you’re crying to step into your power?

If you do any of these, then start with some self-forgiveness

There’s a LOT of social pressure in there, and courage takes practice. Then you can look at, and shift, whatever is holding the pattern in place.

Using NPA Can Help

One great way to use NPA in this situation, is to inquire around:

  • What you fear other people might say?
  • What resistances and challenging emotions come up in you?

Find some Cookie Cutters and NPA them… The revolutionary road could be smoother than you think.

What's a 'cookie cutter'? What's NPA?...
You can download The NPA Process worksheet HERE

Support Can Really Help: Let Me Help You

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