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4 Signs You're Being Manipulated | BABH S1Ep99

season 1 Sep 07, 2021

EPISODE 99: 4 Signs You're Being Manipulated

Manipulation is rife in our society.

It’s not just the rise of narcissistic behaviour; it’s societal. Manipulation tactics have been normalised.

In other words, they’re not just used with conscious harmful intent (although clearly they are - more and more these days it seems) but they’re also used by well meaning people, who probably don't really know what they’re doing.

But the fact remains that manipulation causes a lot of heartache and psychological damage.

I’ve had first hand experience of intentional manipulation and was totally blindsided by it.

It was massively confusing, painful and humbling but out of it I’ve become super clear on all the manipulation tactics so they no longer have any power over me - and I want that for you too!

The really scary thing about manipulation tactics and how they’re designed is, we don't even realise we’re being manipulated.

So in this weeks episode I’m going to share 4 signs that you may be being manipulated, because realising it’s happening in the first step to becoming free from it’s power.

I’ll also share what you need to do - to get untangled from its web
and I’ll let you know how you can get your hands on something that will make you bulletproof to all 7 of the manipulation tactics, so you can never be manipulated again.

So hit that play button and let's jump in!

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The 4 Signs

1. You feel like you’re going crazy, but can’t put your finger on it - erosion of certainty and confidence, self-esteem. if you look back and think I used to be confident about this stuff…

2. Conversation - you go in clear, come out bamboozled and feeling like you’re the one with the issue. Eg. You try to talk about an issue but always find yourself steered to another topic.

3. You know something's off… but you still don't take action.

4. You’re afraid to do/say/be certain things (yourself) around somebody (may have crept up over time) - discernment, your fear vs their active discouragement of those things over time

What To If You Can See The Signs

There’s basically 2 ways out of a manipulative environment…

It needs to get bad! What I’ve seen: people get sectioned, lose a ton of money or everything, disconnected from family members, driven to drink or drugs, subject to violence etc.

You get Educated ( get Awareness), Get BULLETPROOF

The Awareness You Need Are:


You need to know what the tactics are
(those games, techniques and pieces of theatre).
There are 7 of them.
You need to know them all.


You need to know their true intentions.
What they are really up to
(as distinct from what they are saying).


You need to know the mechanics of each tactic.
How the game is played so you can spot it.


You need to know how to counter each tactic
so you can stay in YOU…
and not get drawn away from yourself; who you really are
and what you know to be true for you.

My new programme BULLETPROOF (Never Be Manipulated Again) will give you all four of these essential awarenesses:

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