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Time For A Process Or Time For A Decision? | BABH S2Ep146

season 2 Oct 25, 2022

EPISODE 146: Time For A Process Or Time For A Decision?

I’m a great believer in the power of process work and I don’t believe it ever loses it’s value, wherever you are on your journey.

Never-the-less, I’ve found that, for many people who do a lot of self-development work, there comes a time where doing a process can become the poison rather than the medicine; it becomes a distraction; a distraction from making a fundamental decision, one that involves deep risk and real change.

This issue came up in one of my group calls and I wanted to share it with you here.

So the first half of this episode is the conversation I had with Chris in the group and then I offer you some questions and practices you can use yourself to find out if you’re on this precipice and holding yourself back from the leap you’ve been longing to make.

So grab a cuppa and let’s dive in.

If you want the visuals, you can watch on YouTube HERE

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Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Are you using process work as a distraction?
    • What does that look like?
  • What’s the one decision you secretly know you need to make, and that scares you the most?
    • What’s the risk (what’s might reality disprove)
  • What do I need: Process or Decision?
    • (You’ll know the answer)…
    • Decision - simply make it!
    • Flip flopping? Paralysed? Tempted to dig deeper?….

Use This Practice

Witness yourself without judgement:
Use the phase and energy I modelled: “Huh! How interesting”
Or use your own version.

Time Stamps:

[00:00] Intro
[02:16] Happy where you are?
[04:15] Copping out or connecting with yourself?
[05:58] A simple response that stops self-judgement
[07:10] Fundamental decisions
[09:30] How change threatens our mythology
[10:52] No judgement: You can’t fake it
[12:36] The gift of process work
[13:15] Are you afraid to kiss sleeping beauty?
[14:40] A view from the outside
[15:41] Questions to ask yourself
[20:22] Process or decision?
[32:36] The core block could be conflict
[24:00] The Harmony Equation
[25:37] A practice to take away
[28:26] Outro


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