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5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 4: Reasons Why Not | BABH S1Ep53

season 1 Sep 29, 2020

EPISODE 53: 5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 4: Reasons Why Not

This weeks podcast packs a punch, so be warned - this one’s not for the feint of heart!

I’ll be confronting you and calling you out on some BS.

We all do it.
It a massive road block.

And I’m calling it out (with love!) because when you face this, the magic doors open and shit gets done.

This is part 4 of a 5 part series looking at how we get in our own way when it comes the the journey of life transformation; how we prevent ourselves from making that shift we long for and slow (or even stall) our progress.

In Part 4 we take a look at how we BS ourselves with 'Reasons why not". This can be a real dream-killer, but I break it down for you and give you the keys to calling yourself on it so you can get empowered and move forward.

So, click that play button and let’s get into it!


Reasons why not are pervasive blocks to the life-transformation you long for.

The raw truth:

Everything that follows the words "I can't because..." is more than likely a bullshit story you sell yourself.

2 Choices

There's two ways to address this:

  1. Question the story
  2. Make an empowered choice (own it)

5 Categories of 'Reasons why not'


Anything in the bracket of fear can be approached with the tools I gave you in last weeks episode

Empowered Choice
Simply admit that you're too scared right now to make the change - without adding additional justification


This covers things like time, money & energy

Realise that it's rarely factual that you don't have the resources and it's really a matter of priority. When it's a priority you'll find the resources.

Empowered Choice
Own that you are choosing not to put your resources into this shift right now.


This can also show up as 'it's not that big a deal'

Reeeaaaallly? If you're looking up how to change something, then it matters - don;t kid yourself. This is just a BS story!

Empowered Choice
Sometimes the transformation comes from some honest inquiry, which reveals that the issue genuinely isn't the issue you were making it, but has been coming more from a story in your head. In this case you can honestly say it doesn't matter.


YouTube... Google... there's a thousand ways for the how - it's not really about that. You can go on an endless journey of learning with the story that you don't know how. Better to ask yourself "WHY?"! Once you have a clear WHY, the how gets real clear.

Empowered Choice
Admitting that you're more interested in endless learning that actually doing will probably reveal an underlying fear.


Using others as your reason why not is a great way to avoid moving forward. But have you actually asked them? Stay out of their business and in yours.

Empowered Choice
If there is a genuine, practical reason that relates to others, own that you are choosing them over you. However, be aware that you 'reason' may be a projection and if you find your WHY then you may be able to find a way.

A Non-Personal Perspective

NPA works to help shift an identity. Reasons why not are often sponsored by identities within yourself that are invested in keeping things as they are.

The NPA Trainings will teach you to follow the 'animation'. This is a way to track the energy of what is true and what truly matters, which can transcend the entire game of reasons why not.

Your NPA journey starts with The NPA Process, which you can download for free HERE.




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