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5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 5: The Arrogance of Knowledge | BABH S1Ep54

season 1 Oct 06, 2020

EPISODE 54: 5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 5: The Arrogance of Knowledge

Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

But if you’re in a learning or growth process and you hear yourself say - internally or externally - “I know that” - be really careful. That statement could be keeping your from one of your biggest breakthroughs.

We’re gonna be looking at the dangers of the arrogance of knowledge in this episode - and of course it’s natural antidote - so that you can keep the doors wide open to making those shifts you long for…

This is part 5 of a 5 part series looking at how we get in our own way when it comes the the journey of life transformation; how we prevent ourselves from making that shift we long for and slow (or even stall) our progress.

So, click that play button and let’s get into it!


Knowledge is a wonderful thing - but it needs the balance of humility.

The raw truth:

"Nobody truly knows anything"

2 Types Of Knowing

  1. Cognitive knowing (conceptual)
  2. Full bodied knowing (experiential)

The arrogance of knowing (when it comes to growing) 

  • The 'known' is a closed mind (no room for growth) eg. People who have 'done a lot of work' may feel "I know all that!"
  • 'Knowing' is often a defence against the fears of actual, meaningful change
  • It's often an 'identity issue' eg. A spiritual expert's 'expert' status may be challenged by the admission that they don't know something.

The Antidote is HUMILITY

In order to grow you need to be a student; a learner... ie someone who doesn't know. This is be humbling (requires humility)


  • The acknowledgement that you/circumstances/contexts/life - ALL change
  • The willingness to NOT know
  • Creates fluidity and openness

How NPA and the Non-Personal perspective help


  • The NPA Trainings break down formulas and nurture flexibility and openness.
  • NPA works at the level of identity
  • NPA is naturally humbling, because non-personal awareness teaches you that it's not all about you ie reduces self centred-ness

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