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Project Paralysis | Why We Get Stuck In Creative Projects & How To Get Moving Again | BABH S1Ep63

season 1 Dec 08, 2020

EPISODE 63: Project Paralysis | Why We Get Stuck In Creative Projects & How To Get Moving Again

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a creative project?

And by creative project, I mean the obvious ones like writing a book or a song, planning a blog post or creating an online product... or even re-organising your files!

And I'm also talking about the not-so-obvious 'creative projects'; ideas of things you want to progress, like a tricky conversation to move your relationship forward or perhaps a negotiation...

And you just hit a road block: You're not sure which is the best way to turn and the 'wrong' turn feels like it comes with major consequences, so you grind to a halt...

Well, whenever you experience that, you've got Project Paralysis. You're not alone in having it my friend and you're in the right place!

In this episode I'll be offering you my perspective on why we get it and how to get moving again.

I think you're gonna love it, so click that play button and let's get in to it!


Myth Busting

Getting stuck mid way in a project is often because you are afraid that making the 'wrong' next step will be unrecoverable and a lack of trust in yourself that you can self-correct if it all goes pear-shaped.

This scary story is a myth.

As humans we are hard wired to be adaptive and creative; it's our nature!

For example, just look at our biology. Our immune system is so successful because it is willing to 'try and fail' and then try again. Our epigenetic system cycles through 'mutations' in response to pathogens until it hits a the code that will see off the threat. If it was afraid to make a mistake, then we wouldn't last long!

So if we surrender to our nature we would keep moving through those junctions of decision. All that is in our way in our creative endeavours, our wishes for progress in life, is our head-trash!


We often dismiss or deny the pain of not moving forward with ideas, projects and dreams that truly matter to us. But not moving forward is a pain that builds and builds. Even if it's 'hiding', it's also building and eventually there are consequences. For example a loss of meaning, passion and purpose; a tuning out and switching off of our life force.

How To Get Moving Again


  • Find evidence in your past of your ability to self-correct
  • Be willing to take the leap (Listen to Ep31 for support with this)
  • Be willing to take even the smallest step; the tiniest of movements can open up an entirely new perspective
  • Use the mantra "Stumble forward Gracefully" (Listen to Ep2 for more on this)
  • Trust your inner voice! Journal and have a conversation with your higher self. (Listen to Ep62 for help with this)


I had a question in a comment on YouTube about Episode 60 (Embracing Polarity) which I answer from about 23mins in to this episode.

Let Me Help You

If you would like some help to re-discover your mojo and get moving again then get in touch and let's have a chat about some 1:1 sessions with me


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Episode 62 Will help you with an simple and powerful approach to having a conversation with your higher self LISTEN HERE

Episode 60 Focuses on Embracing Polarity and is the post I am answering the question about in this episode LISTEN HERE


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