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How To Get Your Needs Met (And Feel OK About It) | BABH S1Ep79

season 1 Apr 06, 2021

EPISODE 79: How To Get Your Needs Met (And Feel OK About It)

Do you ever feel like your needs aren't met?

On one hand you feel quietly resentful... On the other hand it feels like asking for your needs to be met or (perish the thought!) actually getting your needs met - well, somehow that brings on a sense of feeling bad or guilty!

You probably ought to have a conversation but "Ugh!!"... the thought of that just feels "Yack!"... It's probably pointless anyway right? Best struggle on... and quietly seethe... and feel bad about seething.

Oh dear my friend!
This will not do!!

If you can see yourself in this sorry scenario, I want you to know:

There IS a way round this; where you CAN get your needs met AND feel really good about it!

So let's talk: Click that play button and let's get to it!

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Episode Bullet Points:

  • Thinking in terms of 'selfishness'
    - Limited resources mindset
    - Winners & losers mindset
    - Battle of the balance sheet
    - Someone has to be the victim
    - Approaching conversations with a 'what am I taking?' mindset
    - Everyone feels bad
    - Approaching conversations feeling bad has bad outcomes

  • Thinking in terms of 'systems'
    - Systems can be any relationship; intimate partners, friendships, families, businesses etc
    - You are a part of the system
    - What effects any part of the system effects the whole system
    - What's good for any part of the system is good for the whole system
    - Approach conversations with a 'What does the system need' mindset
    - Be open to what other parts of the system need (in a way which doesn't compromise your own needs)
    - Navigate and negotiate with everyone looking at the needs of the system and its parts
    - A win-win scenario
    - Have and 'trial and evolve' mindset
    Great Questions To Ask Yourself

    How does NOT getting my needs met IMPAIR the system?
    How does getting my needs met STRENGTHEN the system?

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