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Why Congruence Is The Secret To Healing The Impossible | BABH S1Ep86

season 1 May 25, 2021

EPISODE 86: Why Congruence Is The Secret To Healing The Impossible

Yesterday I spoke with someone who told me she had been diagnosed with Vascular Disease and that it was considered 'irreversible'. 

That got us into (what I consider) a very important topic.

I have my own personal experience of 'healing the impossible' and over 26 years experience in the mind-body healing field.

Over that time I've come to believe that there's something that matters more than method or belief when it comes to physical healing.

Spoiler alert: It's congruence and in this episode I'm going to give you my perspective on why congruence is the secret to healing the impossible.

We're going to talk about:

  • The myth of 'impossible'
  • What I mean by congruence in the healing context
  • The challenges you may face in finding and maintaining your congruence

Plus, I'll give you my perspective on why some symptoms are a gift you can use, rather than a problem to solve.

So hit that play button and let's dive into this juicy topic!

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The Myth Of Impossible

Just because Human Consciousness thinks something is impossible at one time, doesn't make it absolutely so.

It wasn't that long ago that we were told that Diabetes was irreversible... now, apparently it IS reversible.

Perceived barriers are being broken all the time; one of the most famous being Roger Bannister who broke the 4 minute mile (thought at the time to be beyond human capability). Once he broke it, many more followed in quick succession.

My Little Finger Miracle

Tendons are not supposed to heal... Well, mine did. I tell the story of how that happened in the episode... and promise you a picture of the scar. Well, here it is:


"It's not about the path or method you choose. It's about the energy behind it"

There are many roads to healing. If you choose one from fear or in conflict/incongruence then that energy will carry through and likely have more influence on the outcome than the method itself.

Congruence is about knowing (and standing in) what's right for you; without inner conflict.

Challenges to congruence can come from other peoples influence like figures of authority, loved ones, cultural dogma and peer pressure.

A distinction: I'm not suggesting you don't listen to other peoples perspectives. There's a difference between listening and choosing what resonates congruently for you and listening and choosing to take on other peoples perspectives because of fear, people pleasing etc. which could bring you into incongruence.

Some Symptoms Are Signals

Sometimes a physical symptom can be our guide to keeping us in alignment. For example "When I am not empowering myself my knee gives out. When I am fully aligned and not giving my power away I have no problems with my knee at all"

This kind of experience means the knee is a gift and not a problem to solve. It's a highly valuable signal.

Legal statement: As required by law I state that these are my opinions and conclusions. They are based solely on my observations over 26 years of working in the mind-body healing field and are not based on any scientific studies that I am aware of. Always consult your physician about physical conditions.

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