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Your Inner Spectre Revealed In 007 Questions | BABH S1Ep95

season 1 Jul 27, 2021

EPISODE 95: Your Inner Spectre Revealed In 007 Questions

I’m a bit of a Bond fan and this week I was Googling for the release date of the next Bond film… which reminded me that I’d written an article when that last one “Spectre” came out…

So I dug out my notes, read them through and thought this is pretty useful and timeless stuff and well worth sharing with you on the podcast!

So in this episode we’re gonna delve into the realm of your inner spectre and I’m going to give you a number of powerful questions to ask yourself that will help you reveal and expose the organised shadow aspects of you that may be sabotaging your dreams, happiness and progress in life.

How many questions you ask? Well, 007 of course!

But I’m not gonna just leave you hanging with the insights, I’m also gonna share how you can work with your insights so you can get your own big release! (see what I did there? lol)

So hit that play button and let’s get into it!


The 7 Questions

IMPORTANT: The questions are designed to elicit a ‘spew’ response rather than a singular or distinct answer. So let the answers be an ‘out-flowing’ and write whatever comes. When the answer to a questions seems to naturally complete itself, move to the next. 

ALSO IMPORTANT: These questions presuppose the idea that you, metaphorically, have an inner ‘spectre’, and if you’re not cool with that presupposition – don’t do the exercise!

A Note On Inquiry:
True self-inquiry is not about seeking the answers. Instead, be still and let the answers find you. So, ask the questions, and write down whatever comes – even if it doesn’t at first seem to make sense…

Grab yourself pen and paper, or open a notepad/doc on your device of choice and answer these, in order…

  1. If you were to know, where in your life is your inner SPECTRE having the biggest influence right now?

  2. Letting your mind drift back and gently caress the timeline of your life… and contemplating the notion that there are clues to your inner spectre’s nature and origin, what memories, moments or patterns pop out to you?

  3. What’s the scary stuff that stops you from doing what you know you ought to do for your own good?

  4. What lies do you tell yourself, or have you told yourself in the past?

  5. If you’re ruthlessly honest, where in your life do you entertain thoughts of payback and revenge?

  6. What do you fear that people might find out about you and how does that influence your decisions?

  7. What are the external pressures in your life, and what do they suppress?

Instructions For NPA Veterans

  1. Treat each answer as a spew and find the most animated cookie cutter.
  2. List your 7 cookie cutters.
  3. Read the list out loud and then do an energy read to find your 8th ‘inner spectre’ cookie cutter.
  4. NPA each of the 8 cookie cutters in order
  5. Optional: do a flip for the whole sequence.

Instructions For NPA Newbies And Beginners

You can download The NPA Process sheet HERE (it's free)
I also recommend you get the Basic Training programme you'll be offered when you download the sheet.

Read or scan through your answers, then, looking at each one, immediately complete the following sentence:

This is the energy of ________

(Use the the first thing that pops into your consciousness to complete the sentence)

Whatever you complete the sentence with can be used as your ’inner spectre cookie cutter’.

For each, use it to fill the blank in The NPA Process, and remember to say the all six lines out loud. You should end up with 7 in all (one per question/answer).

Be present to what you experience, whatever release, awareness – even if it’s a nothingness…

For extra credit, you can write your 7 cookie cutters as a list then, looking at the entire list, complete the same sentence above. This will give you an 8th Cookie Cutter which represents the overall energy of your Inner Spectre - which you can run through The NPA Process.

Support Can Really Help: Let Me Help You

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