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Finding Your 2020 Take-Aways | Plus My Fave 3 Episodes of 2020 | BABH S1Ep66

season 1 Dec 29, 2020

EPISODE 66: Finding Your 2020 Take-Aways | Plus My Fave 3 Episodes of 2020

As we bridge the gap between Christmas and New Year, it’s an excellent time to engage in some reflection about the year gone by... before we dive into those new years resolutions.

In this episode I’m going to offer you some great self-reflection questions to help you take the best of your 2020 experiences forward into the coming year.

I’m also doing some reflection on this years podcast episodes, with a countdown of my favourite 3 episodes of the year.

Plus I'll be sharing one hidden gem.

I think you're gonna love it, so click that play button and let's get in to it!



  1. What did you discover this year that you loved?
  2. What achievement are you most proud of this year?
  3. What did you face head-on this year (rather than avoiding)?
  4. Where did you receive help this year?
  5. What's a skill that you have gained confidence in this year?
  6. What did you try that didn't work out, but the process of trying moved your thinking forward in a helpful way? 

These are 6 of 20 questions from an article on Psychology Today. You can see the full article here.


These are my personal favourites, in reverse order. You can click the images/links to listen to the episodes and see the notes for each show.

In At Number 3: Episode 48

You can listen to Episode 48 HERE

In At Number 2: Episode 21

You can listen to Episode 21 HERE

In At Number 1: Episode 27

You can listen to Episode 27 HERE

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HIDDEN GEM: Episode 61

You can listen to Episode 61 HERE


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